‘From Volunteer to Employee’ – Ronan’s Update

How has the transition from volunteer to employee gone? 

The transition has been great I think the main difference is working more days and leading the new project NeighbourFood.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

The thing I enjoy most about my role is working with the people around me and dealing with the community. My favourite thing has to be NeighbourFood. I love the responsibility that comes with it and it’s something I’m getting to lead as the Host which is great. I never thought I would get opportunity like this when I left school.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge

The biggest challenge for me is telling the differences between different kinds of fruit and veg and knowing where to find them and with NeighbourFood the biggest challenge has been learning how to run the website and engaging with getting in touch with producers, but I’m now confidence doing that.

What do you think are the main things you have learned through working with Tagsa Uibhist? 

The biggest thing I’ve learnt that we are a team and communication is very important. As well I’ve learnt the gardens are important for the elderly and the dementia side, I’ve seen this benefits them and their families. It great because they get out the house and get to come together to garden or even just to socialise with tea and cake. That’s something enjoy is well is getting to work with them when they come and also listen to their stories.

What impact do you think the Community Gardens have in Uist? 

The biggest impact has to be getting local fresh fruit & veg right from the ground. The other impact has to be all sorts of different people from different ages all coming together to do the thing they love!

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