Community Transport

For many years, Tagsa Uibhist has been providing a highly valued, reliable and safe Community Transport service.

The service operates throughout the Southern Isles - North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist as well as in Eriskay, Grimsay and Berneray to enable clients to attend medical appointments, day care, adult learning, and respite, as well as shopping and to access other appointments that they need to attend. We provide a professional door to door transport service, which is available to those who meet our eligibility criteria.

This service is available for individuals with support needs and/or mobility difficulties, and who have may not have access to public transport services and who do not have a vehicle or a family member who can provide transport for them.

Service users who meet the eligibility criteria can also request Tagsa Uibhist to collect shopping for them if they provide a list and payment. Medication can also be collected in agreement with the local surgery or pharmacy.

Tagsa Uibhist’s transport service is free of charge unless it is used to transport service users to medical appointments for which they can claim travel costs. In these cases, Tagsa will invoice the user for the same amount that they have claimed. Tagsa Uibhist can transport service users who use wheelchairs.

In order to provide a cost effective and efficient service so that we can reach as many service users as possible, Tagsa’s Transport Manager is responsible for creating a schedule for the drivers. In creating this schedule, the Transport Manager may need to provide specific times to service users, although if appointment times cannot be moved, then we will aim to be flexible in order to meet the needs of all service users.

Information about each service user will be recorded by Tagsa Uibhist in a database, with the reason for the referral being accepted and with address, contact details as well as next of kind information. All information that Tagsa Uibhist holds about any individual who makes an enquiry about the service, whether or not they meet the criteria will be treated with confidentiality.

Any individual who meets the following criteria is eligible to access Tagsa Uibhist’s transport service. In order to prioritize service users according to need, consideration will be given to whether those enquiring have a vehicle or an immediate family member in the same household who is able to provide them with transportation. Normally if transport is available within the household, the service will not be offered, but Tagsa Uibhist will look at each situation on a case-by-case basis, recognizing that circumstances can change. Eligibility criteria is as follows:

• Registered as disabled.
• Mobility problems that make using public transport difficult.
• Mobility issues combined with living a significant distance from public transport.
• Living with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.
• Temporary disability (for example, recovering from an injury).
• Wheelchair users without access to a vehicle that can transport them.
• Families with children at nursery without access to a vehicle or public transport.

In some cases, under contract with NHS or the local authority, Tagsa Uibhist’s transport service will carry a charge for the contractor.


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